Villa Del Conte Chocolates Guide and Our Favorite Flavors!

Article by Anton Diaz of OurAwesomePlanet

choosing chocolates

The best place to buy the chocolates is from their flagship store on the ground floor of Resorts World (beside CafΓ© Maxims) because they usually carry the complete flavors, particularly the new ones.


standard orange chocolate boxes

They have the standard orange boxes, but they can also customize the packaging for corporate giveaways or if you want to put your own special seal for the chocolates.

Shelf life of the chocolates is up to 6 months if kept between 13 to 16 degrees storage area. 



Vince introduced the new Villa del Conte flavors to a close group of business friends

Overall, we find Villa del Conte's chocolates top-notch and really yummy. I like how they are individually wrapped and color-coded too.

It's great to know that this Filipino-Branded Italian Artisan Chocolate has raised the level of artisan chocolate quality and flavors here in Manila. It pushes the boundaries of what is possible with Filipino Brands and what is possible with chocolates in the world. :)

You've got to try it for yourself or give it as an awesome gift for your special someone!