Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test: 4.15/5

rockwell ultimate taste test score
vince at rockwell ultimate taste test

Villa Del Conte is a Filipino Brand of artisan chocolate made from a rural town in Padova, Italy. Check out the complete story of VILLA DEL CONTE Chocolates.

Our favorite flavors are:

  • Praline Balls in Dark Chocolate with Coffee Cream Filling (Black Wrapper), 
  • Praline Balls in Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream Filling  (Silver Wrapper),
  • Salted Toffee,
  • Tartufone (Chocolate with Hazelnuts), and
  • Chocolate-coated Castañas

No doubt, this is the best chocolate in Manila this holiday season. :) Congratulations, Villa Del Conte, for winning the #3 spot in the Ultimate Taste Test series!


milk chocolate with hazelnut chips

What Foodies Say About Your Food:

  • Talk about rich chocolate
  • The best ever
  • Excellent Chocolate
  • Silky smooth chocolate. Thumbs up
  • Delightfully good! 
  • Chocolate is smooth
  • Love the chocolates
  • Smooth! Tasked like premium
  • Loved the hazelnut! The dark chocolate suffered a bit in comparison
  • Tasty!
  • Sorry. Dont like that much
  • had to go back for more
  • Keep it up
  • Love your chocolate w/ hazelnut
  • Delicious chocolates!
  • too sweet
  • Yummy! I love hazelnut
  • Not dark enough
  • one of the best
  • More serving please
  • Love it
  • Have tried it before & would definitely recommend it!
  • tastes gourmet
  • rich choco
  • hazelnut too sweet for me
  • coffee cream is good
  • the milk one was heaven
  • love the hazelnut
  • hazelnut is good
  • dark choco and coffee nice
  • smooth and creamy
  • very good
  • I love choco
  • legit italian chocolate love it
  • kinda sweet
dark chocolate praline balls with coffee cream filling


  • nice balance w/ coffee but too slightly sweet
  • love the coffee dark choco
  • definitely the best
  • good flavor
  • who doesn't love good chocolate
  • chocolate tastes good
  • amazing
  • yum yum yum
  • love the hazelnut
  • chocolate is and will always be great
  • too sweet
  • yummy
  • Great!
  • Rich Chocolate
  • Love the hazel, good PR, friendly staff
  • Chocolate
  • Like in switzerland
  • Yummy!
  • I'll Recommend it!
  • Best chocolate in the world
  • Great Texture.
  • Real quality chocolates
  • milk chocolate = good
  • good job