Love and Luck at Villa del Conte

There are precious few things in this world that are priceless: a hand to hold, a kiss, a warm embrace. Love. This Year of the Snake and Valentine's Day, too celebrate your passions with some of the best chocolate in the world. For a full enchanting experience, Villa Del Conte is offering a special limited edition box containing 385 grams of chocolate excellence for only P1,480.

Encased in a red box with a gold heart band, it's a collection of praline sticks and domes guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate craving. The sumptuous domes come in the following flavors: dark chocolate with tartufone cream and cereal; dark chocolate with whiskey mocha; dark chocolate with salted toffee; milk chocolate with hazelnut and hazelnut chips; and milk chocolate with blueberry cream filling.


The praline sticks are more playful with fruit-inspired flavors: milk chocolate with watermelon cream filling; milk chocolate with strawberry cream filling; milk chocolate with banana cream filling; dark chocolate with mint cream filling; and dark chocolate with orange cream filling.

I heart you: Villa Del Conte also has the Amore boxes. Choose from one of three truffles - fig fillet, marron glace (chestnut) or walunt. (P380)

I heart you: Villa Del Conte also has the Amore boxes. Choose from one of three truffles - fig fillet, marron glace (chestnut) or walunt. (P380)

For those who are looking for something simpler, Villa Del Conte also has the Amore boxes which showcases their wonderful truffle collection. For only P380, choose from one of three extraordinary truffles: fig fillet, marron glace (chestnut), and walnut.

Fig is a fruit not commonly found in chocolate, but it is delicious. In the Villa del Conte truffle, the chocolate doesn't merely case the fig, the two produce a full and harmonious flavor. Each element is intact yet playfully blending together for a wonderful surprise on the palate. The walnut truffle is remarkable - the nut is very fresh, its crunch still wholly intact. Like what fine wine does with food, the chocolate enhances the walnut complementing and contrasting to bring out the best in its natural flavor. The chestnut truffle is smooth and velvety, a most luxurious texture. The taste is very subtle slowly filling the plate with a soft nutty flavour.

The truffles come in a beautiful pink or white heart-shaped box. Each chocolate is handcrafted by master Enrico Cattapan for your delight and the pleasure of those you love.