"Villa del Conte sent the first Valentines chocolates this year."  -Chuvaness

"Beautiful chocolate from Villa Del Conte." -Chuvaness

"I’m betting my reputation that these are some if not the most decadent chocolates you will ever try!" - When In Manila

"Laid out in their glory, the Villa Del Conte chocolates dazzle, as chocolates are designed to do." - Dessert Comes First

"Why do I love Villa Del Conte? It has cioccolato al latte finissimo, and its combination of fine milk chocolate and hazelnut chips which makes me on-the-go at work." - Matakaw na Bata

"So beautiful and classy, making it perfect for gift-giving." - A Woman Remembers

"The number one on our list of our favorite chocolate houses because of the Premium quality and taste with the affordable price." - Fashion Ate The Lawyer

"Mad skills, expertise, and the right equipment are needed to create such flawlessness." - Certified Foodies

"There was a loud audible gasp when we opened this package that we thought was just plain chocolates!+ - Bianca Gonzales

"Life is like a box of chocolates. While you're at it, make sure to make the box extra special! Villa Del Conte sweets from Padova, Italy!" - Tim Yap

"You never fail to amaze and make me happy! Went to Villa Del Conte at Greenbelt5 earlier to buy these again! So funny because when I was just approaching by there store the sellers where waving at me and so surprised that they actually remembered me!" - @1dlovie

"Thank you Villa del Conte for these beautiful bars of Chocolate couverture from Padova, Italy. No wonder desserts from this area are just as sublime--the dark chocolate (50% cocoa liquor) has the lightest touch of bitterness and earthiness with touches of caramel and light orange peel. This dark chocolate is smooth, velvety, round with low acidity; the 30% cocoa liquor milk chocolate is incredibly smooth, silky, floral, lightly earthy with rich, round, creamy notes." - Chef Gene Gonzales

"Posing in front of a mountain of my favorite chocolate Villa Del Conte. Chocolate is so pino and delicious!" - Cristalle Belo